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Contact Us

Marty has begun a sabbatical period that will take him through Labor Day. Below you will find a description of what to expect from this contact form.

All messages will be received by a member of the BEMA team and forwarded to the proper destination. All messages are appreciated and read—we love our listeners!—but you should not expect a response back. You should receive an auto-response that lets you know your message was sent successfully.

Most Bible questions will be funneled toward our monthly Live Q&A sessions that were designed for this very thing. Please check our news page for when the next Q&A will be. Another great way to address these questions is to join the BEMA Slack. It is a great space for discussion about Bible and podcast questions, and sometimes a good place to find people close to you.

For even more details about Marty’s sabbatical and changes to our communication practices, watch Marty’s video and/or read Marty’s blog post. Please check our FAQ before contacting us, and be sure to double check the spelling of your email address. If you don’t get a confirmation of your submission within one week, get in touch with Brent on Twitter or Instagram so we can troubleshoot any issues with this form.