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Where do I find the show notes/presentations/links?
Notes on the Website | Notes in Apple Podcasts | Notes in Overcast

Is there a list of everything you’ve recommended on the podcast?
Not everything on the podcast is necessarily recommended as much as we are just showing you where to find what we’re discussing. Our show notes are the things that we have referenced as resources, or cited as sources, but we do have a compiled list.

How do I find the podcast in my app?
Most apps have a search function. The podcast is listed in the Apple Podcasts directory, and our recommended apps will either search this directory automatically, or you will have an option to use the Apple Podcasts directory when searching. Type bema and it will be among the first results.

I’ve searched everywhere and the podcast just won’t show up.
If the podcast does not show up in search results, you can use the RSS link above to add the podcast manually (for most apps).

What app would you recommend?
Brent’s favorite app for iOS is Overcast (Marty uses the default Podcasts app), and our recommendation for Android is Pocket Casts (which is also a great second option on iOS). Other options for iOS include Castro and Downcast. Another option for Android is Podcast Addict.

Why won’t the podcast show up when I search Google Play or Spotify?
When loading the podcast in Apple Podcasts or 3rd-party apps like we recommend above, the content is hosted on our server, and any changes we make will take effect immediately. With Google Play and Spotify, they will take our audio files and host them on their own servers. They recompress the audio, making it sound worse than our original files, and they sometimes insert advertisements into or around the audio stream. Furthermore, since we do not control the files, any changes we make will take time to propagate to their servers, and that is assuming they notice the change and update their own files. This is not acceptable to us. (If you want to know more about how this works, read “Apple’s Actual Role in Podcasting” on Additionally, Spotify’s intentions with podcasts are not aligned with the interests of podcast creators. As their market share grows, their power to control content becomes greater and could lead to a situation that many YouTube creators have found themselves in. This is also not acceptable to us and we will not support their efforts to gain power. (You can read an analysis of Spotify’s business model in “Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play” at Stratechery, and you can see an example of YouTube’s power run amok with “YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension” on YouTube, no less.)