Episode 249

Michael Burns — Escaping the Beast


16 December 2021

1 hr 2 mins 25 secs

Season 6

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About this Episode

Marty Solomon and Brent Billings are joined by Michael Burns, a teaching minister in the Two Cities Church in Minneapolis-St. Paul. He taught high school history in the central city of Milwaukee for nearly ten years before graduating from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is a national and international biblical teacher at churches, schools of mission, and workshops. He has authored many books, including Crossing the Line; All Things to All People; and Escaping the Beast. Michael and his wife, MyCresha, have two adult sons.

Marty on the All Things to All People Podcast with Michael Burns

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Escaping the Beast by Michael Burns

Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

Crossing the Line by Michael Burns

All Things to All People by Michael Burns

All Things to All People Podcast

Michael Burns Teaching Ministry Website

Additional audio production by Gus Simpson

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