Episode 332

Andrew DeCort — Flourishing on the Edge of Faith


25 May 2023

54 mins 57 secs

Season 6

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About this Episode

Marty Solomon and Brent Billings are joined by special guest Andrew DeCort, author of Flourishing on the Edge of Faith. He holds a Ph.D. in Religious and Political Ethics and is the founder of the Neighbor-Love Movement and the Institute for Faith and Flourishing. Andrew has taught at a variety of universities around the world, and he and his wife, Lily, live and work between Ethiopia and Chicago.

Flourishing on the Edge of Faith by Andrew DeCort

BEMA 275: Kate Schmidgall — BitterSweet

The Neighbor-Love Movement

The Institute for Faith and Flourishing

Coming soon: What Is Christianity? by Andrew DeCort

Andrew DeCort’s Website

Andrew DeCort on Facebook

Additional audio production by Gus Simpson

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