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How to Pray for Me

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Part of the design of this blog is to keep people updated on how they can pray for me. If you’re the praying type (I hope that’s many, if not most, of us), here are some thoughts.

First, I love to start with praise. A posture of gratitude is the foundation to my perspective. (Thanks, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.)

  • BLESS GOD that He has seen fit to grow my ministry and provide for me in so many ways, including finances. Pray also that I might steward those gifts well; pray that I would lead with character and integrity in a way that honors the generosity of those who chose to give to God through my ministry.

  • BLESS GOD that He has shown up in unexpected ways to surprise me. I did my part to plan well and God has honored that by showing up in those spaces.

  • BLESS GOD for a book contract and a new adventure. Pray that God would use it as He sees fit; pray that I would write a good book, no matter how many copies it sells. Pray that it would be useful for all the right people who can really use it in their walks.

Second, here are the concerns on my heart right now:

  • Pray that I would stay vigilant to seize opportunities to rest. My fall schedule (through the turn of the year) got a little out of control and I might be in danger of feeling some burnout. Pray that God would provide just enough and I would be faithful enough to see it and take it when it comes.

  • Pray that I would continue to steward the leadership of Impact Campus Ministries well and not be distracted by the work God has entrusted to me.

  • Pray specifically for my team, the Executive Team at ICM. They are such an incredible group of leaders and friends. They have had some tough times with family (sickness, death, financial needs, and so on). My desire is that they would be at peace and fulfilled in the work they are called to do. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.

Finally, here are some things I have coming up:

  • I am currently traveling in California, making long overdue connections and introductions. Pray for fruitful conversations and divine appointments.

  • After that, I am home for a short week. Pray for good rest and family connections. Pray that I could see my wife and kids and spend meaningful time with them, not just “catch up on work.”

  • Then, I’m off to Missouri to speak at an art show, connect with supporters, and spend time at Truman State University. The ministry at Truman is very close to me and I consider the ministers there some of my best friends. Pray that we would be a mutual encouragement to each other.

  • Another brief week at home (repeat prayer request above) and then I am off to Virginia to spend time at the International Conference on Missions in a completely different capacity than usual. I will not be “on the clock” and at the booth in the same ways as I have previously. I will be a participant. I will be looking for opportunities to connect with others. This will be different, but I’m praying it will be full of wonderful little surprises. Join me in praying for that.

  • Finally, I come home for a much needed holiday to spend the rest of the month with my family — Thanksgiving!