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New Ways to Pray for Me

It’s been awhile since I talked about how you can be praying during my sabbatical. Part of the goal of this blog was to share that, and you can see me mention it here. So let’s do that, shall we?

We’ll start with a foundation of praise:

  • Bless God that He continues to show up in so many different ways and in so many different people. God’s faithfulness is truly astounding and it fills me with gratitude.
  • Bless God that I’ve been able to make my trips to Israel and Turkey. A lot of things could have derailed these plans; I’m very thankful simply to have been able to execute these trips this year. I’ve met incredible people and my soul is filled with joy when I consider their stories.
  • Bless God for all the time our family has enjoyed with each other this summer. With me being gone so much to Israel and Turkey, this praise is a big one. It’s easy to feel like Dad is gone all summer, but we’ve had some great opportunities together and we’ve capitalized on them!

What’s on my heart right now?

  • Pray for an upcoming eye surgery. This surgery (corneal cross-linking) is not supposed to be a complicated or dangerous procedure at all, but any surgery (especially on something like my eyes!) is a anxiety inducing. Pray for a great surgery and a quick recovery.
  • Pray for an upcoming marriage retreat. Becky and I have been given the opportunity to participate in a marriage retreat for our sabbatical. Usually I’m speaking when we travel, but this time I simply get to participate and invest in us. We’re looking forward to this. Will you pray for our time together as a couple?
  • Pray for my leadership. We live in a world where it seems like we are surrounded by horrible stories of corrupt and abusive leaders in communities of faith. I want to be a leader and lead an organization that is marked by character, integrity, and humility. Pray that I would have wisdom to lead like Jesus.

What’s on my calendar?

  • Marriage Retreat in Destin, FL. Discussed above, we’ll be gone September 12–16. Pray for Becky’s parents as they watch the kids!
  • Recovering from surgery. Not much else on my calendar as I give my body space to heal!