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What About the Students?

It struck me recently, after hosting our annual all-staff conference with our amazing campus ministry field and support staff, that one thing I had never directly addressed in this sabbatical journal is a reflection on ministry to students. How does this relate to my job today?

My own relationships with students — While I don’t have a group of students I interact with in a “pastoral” capacity these days, I do love that students cross my path on a weekly basis. Whether local students at my church or in my home for a holiday gathering, or meeting families who have children attending university, or the always-present group at a speaking event, I love this demographic in my life.

The team around me — Some of our newest hires at Impact Campus Ministries are bringing these student relationships into sharper focus within my own ministry, and I’m very grateful. Whether it’s the work of Jonathan Smalley as our Alumni Coordinator or his partnership with our Strategy Coordinator, Brian Truschinger, they are working to bring more intention and more strategy to the work we are doing with students and how resources like our podcast are helping them pursue, model, and teach intimacy with Christ. I’m excited about the upcoming transition of Josh Bossé as BEMA’s Student Minister, as well as the recent hire of Lou Mineiro, who is fundraising for a position that will help plant student-led discipleship movements on campus.

Our awesome field staff at ICM — Last but not least, this post was inspired by listening to the stories and seeing the work of our awesome campus ministry staff. They are unbelievably good at their jobs and they care deeply for their students. They build meaningful relationships and they have regular conversations of life-shaping significance. I love watching God honor their stewardship of these students by showing up in unforeseen ways. The recent launch of a commuter Bible study on Bethel University’s campus, bringing a surge of over 50 new students to their ministry; the fruit of efforts by Tommy White to bless international students in Salt Lake City; the in-house discipleship that takes place with some of the women in our new Pennsylvania ministries — these are all examples of what God is doing in our ministry every day.

I love working with young adults. They are inspiring in the fresh ways they see the world and the convictions they hold. I look forward to the world God is already building through them. May we continue to be prodded by God to encourage and support them as they follow His voice in their own callings!