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Pray for the Book Tour

By the time this post comes out, the book tour will already be finishing up its second week. I wanted to ask for prayer during this time. We anticipate that it will be an intense few months with powerful highs and lows, triumphs, and challenges. Here are some thoughts.

Pray for my overall emotional health and discernment with my schedule. I’ll be on the road a lot during this time. Our family knew this and talked about it a lot before we signed the contract, so we’re ready. It’s been on the calendar and it didn’t sneak up on us, but it’s here nonetheless. This isn’t just going to be a challenge, it’s going to be amazing on a lot of fronts as well, so pray that we would all appreciate and be gracious for it. Pray we can rest when the opportunities present themselves.

Pray that God’s will would be done though the book itself. Pray that the book would be used to help others deepen their walks with God and their love for the Bible. Pray that if it’s God’s will, it would open doors for partnership with college ministry and Impact. Pray that if God wants the book to “perform” well and lead to future opportunities to keep writing and creating other resources, that would be clear and not forced by me or an industry.

Finally, here’s a rough, undefined schedule of some of the places I will be for those who want to pray “in the moment.”

February 10–12: Kokomo, IN
February 16–23: Los Angeles, CA
February 24–28: Jacksonville, FL

March 2: Cincinnati, OH
March 4–16: North Carolina (from west to east!)
March 20–21: Chattanooga, TN
March 22: Nashville, TN
March 24–26: Atlanta, GA
March 27–30: Washington, DC

April 1–10: Spring Break in southern Texas (with the family!)
April 14–16: State College, PA
April 17–20: Colorado Springs, CO
April 21–24: Denver, CO
April 27–30: BEMA Team Retreat

May 1–4: ICM’s Executive Team Retreat