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New Year, New Prayers

The time has come for another prayer update. Part of this blog’s design is to communicate with prayer partners about what I’m experiencing and how they can be praying for me during the rest of this season.

I like to start these posts with items that can drive our praise. This seems fitting for a year being driven by the theme of “gratitude.”

  • Bless God for a season full of life and positive challenges. Part of what I’m always afraid of when I consider sabbatical space is that it will lack vitality, but this season has been full of challenges for me to learn and to grow. I’m being deeply challenged as a leader and I appreciate the emotional space of sabbatical that enables me to be “up for it!”

  • Bless God for a season of rest and recreation. I spent most of September and October from home, not traveling for work. I took the time to enjoy the festival season with my family and got some time to hunt locally. I feel like I finally tapped into some true sabbatical rest space.

  • Bless God for a good physical recovery from eye surgery. Another reason I wasn’t on the road much was to recover from this surgery. The procedure went great and my recovery was excellent.

What’s on my heart right now?

  • Pray for the holiday season with family. This is a time that can easily come and go just because it’s that month on the calendar. But these opportunities are precious (the pandemic taught us this), and we don’t want to miss it.

  • Pray for our annual staff conference. We will have a lot of new faces at our annual staff conference in Phoenix this year. Pray for a healthy time of growth and development, as well as good time to connect with new faces. Pray that these new folks will quickly feel like they belong at Impact.

  • Pray for an upcoming busy schedule. Yet another reason that we took some time off this fall is because we knew this spring would be packed full with my upcoming book launch. My new release hits shelves on February 7 and I’ll be traveling a ton from February to April. That busy season will be invigorating, but you don’t have to read very far back on the blog to find that it will also have some challenges!

What’s on my calendar?

  • Holidays with family. December 17–28

  • Officiating a wedding in Orlando and visiting supporters. December 29 – January 2

  • All-Staff Conference in Phoenix. January 3–12

  • Officiating some local weddings! Late January

  • Book launch (and ensuing book tour)! February 7